Sep 25, 2010 problems!?

The real is Down at the Moment and We have No Idea What is Going On? has a mind of its own...
We are trying to get this fixed ASAP!

Sorry for that!

Here is a Little video from Tokyo Japan While you Wait

Halldor Wins the X Games with a perfect score

Picknick Jam

Riding at the mountain lab

Color Poppin

Rome Welcome To

Finger Bang Tattoo

X Games Big Air

Oxborn Session

DC Welcome To

Eikis and Halldors Video parts from They Came From

Mar 2, 2010

DC mtn lab edit

This edit was suppose to be about the norwegian riders that were going to the Olympics, but somehow it endit up like that

Check it out HERE

Edit by Petter Foshaug

Johannes Brenning-Showreel (Eiki Remix)

This is to Help him get a job, but unfortunately he already got one, but he will be down to do some music videos in the summer

Johannes Showreel (remix with Eiki) from on Vimeo.