Dec 21, 2009

Dew Tour Finished

I ended up getting 5th Place. I'm really stoked considering you couldn't almost see anything because they had the comp so late, so it was shades over every thing, but it was fun though.

Tyler got 1st
Saga got 2nd
and Eric got 3rd

then Torstein got 4th, even though I've never seen any one do as sick line as he did, it was next level madness! you will probably be able to see it on his site soon

Here you can see the whole list for the finals and then scroll the whole way down


Back to Iceland now, going to be sweet peace of meat


Kenny said...

I just finished watching the finals.. Torstein threw an amazing run together.. I'm surprised he didn't podium..

Same with you man.. That frontside double cork 10 was nice and steezy.. Didn't see anyone else pulling things like that.. Too bad the light conditions weren't ideal.. I was hoping to see that back to back double cork combo you were talking about.

Blake said...

so sick you and torstein rode hella good, happy holidays!

NW said...

Good job man. That's pretty crazy for a non contest-jock like you to kill it like that. The rail steez is where its at.

Daníel said...

flott hjá þér. þú tekur þetta bara næst. til hamingju

Anonymous said...

sick man. back to rails and tall tees. where its at