Apr 29, 2009


So stupid but awsome to watch

click HERE

haha yeah


This is pretty cool


Apr 27, 2009

Time And Space

This movie was made by mr Johannes Brenning, This is one of my favourite movies to watch, and it was only done in couple of days, in camp of champs last year

Click HERE to watch Time And Space

Yeah Jay Z good job, you should get a lot of Credit for this movie!


Check this schnitzel out

New Some Kind Of Board Sport

check this new Xtreme madness out, haha

click here

PS: its not porn

Double Flips and Double Corks what ?

This is the Flip people should be trying, This is next level!

This is porn so if you dont like porn dont check it out!


Thanks a lot Zack Diddy for showing me this haha

Apr 23, 2009


Hey everyone

Been riding in the US last week, so sick. we started off riding some crazy Travis Parker features. yesterday we had a crazy heli session going on, and we got some bangers that your going to see in the next standard movie

but here you can see a small session on the jump and when i get knocked the fuck out. haha

pretty awesome

Apr 13, 2009

Sick video

This video is sick!

Apr 8, 2009

Andreas Wiig invitational

Just wanted to show a video clip from the Andres Wiig invitational it was the most high standard contest ive ever been on, but it was a lot of fun all the riders were super chill so it was just fun.