Oct 31, 2009

Ketchup With Halldór

Check It Out HERE

Oct 27, 2009

My awesome collection of natural dreds

My natural dreads days are over, didnt want to end up cutting all my hair away hehe

but still pretty damn stoked on them

Oct 26, 2009

This guy knows how to drink

Oct 24, 2009

Hockyrink Tripple Takedown teaser 3!

Halldor Helgason - Hockyrink tripple takedown stall teaser 3 from Halldór Helgason on Vimeo.


Oct 23, 2009

Hockeyrink madness 5-o teaser 2!

Adam Granquist killing it!

Adam Granquist - Hockeyrink madness 5-0 teaser 2 from Halldór Helgason on Vimeo.

Oct 22, 2009

Icerink movie teaser 1!

I spent two days behind an icerink in Stockholm. Filmer and friend Johannes Brenning is claming a whole movie from it. Here is teaser 1 !

Halldor Helgason - Hockeyrink Blacked out Teaser from Halldór Helgason on Vimeo.


Oct 21, 2009

Frontline Railjam Video

Here is a Video from Johannes Brenning


Oct 20, 2009

New Frontline rail jam video

Funny Site

Oct 18, 2009

Our Toilet is so fucked

something is going on in our toilet in sweden, pretty dirty but dirty is the new clean so its cool

Oct 17, 2009

hahahah nasty

The song in it is also awsome!

Oct 14, 2009

If you Wanna learn how to Do a Backflip of a Vending Machine

Then just Don't do it like this Dude.

Factorfilms Premier Dates

The world premiere in Oslo was a blast, around 1600 people came to the sold-out show at Sentrum Scene in the capitol of Norway, and more premieres are coming up:

Previews premieres:
26.09 Oslo, Norway (World premiere)
03.10 St.Anton, Austria

Upcoming premieres:
22.10 Truckee California, US

23.10 Steamboat Springs Colorado, US (INFO: www.steamboatfilmfestival.com)

23.10 Pennsylvania, US / Bear Creek Mountain Resort

24.10 New York, US / Mountain Creek snow resort (free outdoor screening)

24.10 Poland, Lodz (INFO: Cinema Charlie, Moviestart 21.15)

30. 10 Munich, Germany

11.11 Montreal, Canada

03.12 Washington DC, US

tba. - Waterloo, Canada

tba. - Akureyri, Iceland

tba. - Reykjavik, Iceland

tba. - Ukraine, Criema

tba. - Lithuania (International Film Festival “Kino Pavasaris)

tba.- St. Petersburg, Russia (end off Oct/early Nov)

There will be more premieres all around the globe so check back soon for more info about where and when here on the factorfilms site www.factor-films.com


Oct 12, 2009



Frontline Railjam 2 heat and Final round video is now out

Chech them out by clicking HERE
Better Videos will come soon!



Eating at MAX the best hamburgers in the world!!!

-- Post From My iPhone

Oct 11, 2009

Videos from first heat on Frontline railjam

check it out HERE

Oct 10, 2009

Frontline Railjam just finished

It was so fun, sick riders and perfekt setup! it ended up with me Winning over all, and Eiki got Best trick on the downrail(cap 360 sw nose press cap 180 out and Jonte guy from stockholm won the best trick on the Downflatdown(fs blunt 450 out!)

pretty sweet got 10,000 swedish for winning and 4000 for stomping tricks, and eiki and jonte got 5000 for best trick, and eiki got 5000 for good tricks!

hera are some photos from ingo more is coming soon yeahhjjaa

good times, now its Afterparty time Later!


Frontline Railjam in Stockholm live

Whatch it Here

Oct 9, 2009

Frontline Railjam tomorrow

The coolest rail contest ever is tomorrow, going to be sweet, right now we are just chillin at a 5 star hotel watching snowboard movies and getting stoked, pretty sweet

Check out last years Frontline railjam

Oct 5, 2009

Madness Monster delivery

my first Monster delivery, pretty sweet!

Oct 4, 2009

Here is some footage with me from Standardfilms

check it

Tan Contest

We bought Spray Tan Can, and we had a Tan Contest, who could get more tanned with one can and here are the results:

Here are we With a Normal looking Icelander Called Benni

Oct 3, 2009

120 Second Saturday- Eiki Helgason

Click This Link:


Oct 2, 2009

Midget Stripper

Oct 1, 2009

Top 5's With Eiki Helgason

Check this out



We are hangin in Malung Sweden Now at Halldórs place,
Just came from the world premier of "They Came From" In Oslo...
Next Thing is: The Frontline Rail Jam In Stockholm on the 10th.
And Here are two photos from the summer...