Jul 29, 2009

Random Guys with Masks and Tall Tees!

Jul 28, 2009

Looks so nice

EMBED-Two Girls One Cyst - Watch more free videos

sweet jumping

Me, Hákon and Ístak went out on the best weather day ever and jumped in the sea, was sweet
And thanks to the filmer mr Adam Granqvist, he fucked the filming on Ístaks jump, so you will never be able to sea his awsome shrimp dive from the drop


Jul 27, 2009

Rocketman, will be coming soon on film

Photo Taken by Ingó, check his site http://www.flickr.com/photos/ingobg/

And The Winner for Team Shoot Out Is??? ROME!!!!

Transworld Team Shoot Out Is Done!

And We (Rome) Won the Whole Thing and LNP grabbed the Cover

Video will be available on itunes later today.

Be sure to Check them out

Read More HERE



Jul 25, 2009

hahah sleepy heavy metal guy

i like his style!!!

Try this 4

Xtreme Lazy wallride going down

Jul 24, 2009

Here is A Little Interview on Push.ca

Check it out HERE


Try this 3

hehe madness clean 360 flip crossfeet

Jul 22, 2009

Try this at home 2

some more crossfeet madness

ohh man then i found this, she has topped her own schnitzel record

pretty awsome,,, she sure is stoked on her schnitzels,

Click HERE to check it out

World record in making the biggest scnitzel!

Icelander stomping the sickest scorpion bail ever hehe

Jul 21, 2009

haha Best landing ever

hahah he almost made it

More slam BMX >>

Jul 20, 2009

Try this at home 1

Halldór - Ollie crossfeet from Halldór Helgason on Vimeo.

"A Hard Days Night"

"A Hard Days Night"  TWS Rome SDS Team Shootout Teaser.

Check it out!!! 


Jul 19, 2009

haha the coolest dog ever

Jul 16, 2009

Human head found in a cheese burger

Pretty god damn awsome

Ryan Shackler Faking a SW 360 flip ?

Check out his SW kickflip on 0:20 and then after that he does a SW 360 flip but then it looks like they just flip the screen because the door and everything is in the wrong side!
pretty stoked on Ryan if he did that! for sure im going to do that next year for my video part hehehe

Jul 14, 2009



HAHA so funny screams

Jul 13, 2009


Jul 12, 2009


Jul 11, 2009


Fire Fution Blog check it out, http://firefution.blogspot.com/

Jul 10, 2009

StandardFilms Black Winter teaser!!!

It was my first season filming with Standardfilms, So stoked! Check out the Teaser

Standard Films' Black Winter Teaser | SNOWBOARDER Magazine

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Alexsander and Sólon

Two sick Up and comers from iceland! check it out

They have many more sick videos, check them out HERE!

Jul 9, 2009

Windells Rome session

Windells 09 Session 3 from Windells on Vimeo.

People Teaser Nr. 1

Check out the first Teaser for the new people movie called Nice Try.



Download the song in the Go skateboarding day video

Click HERE!!! to download

 you only get 7 days

And Here is the black man in china town

Jul 8, 2009

Interview From Factorfilms!

Yo Halldor, so lets start with an easy question to get things off, how is it going? 
-Im pretty good my man


What did you do last night? 
-I woke up at 2 aclock, went out and tanned like there was no tomorrow with my ice slushy, then skated, ate some crazy pasta, skated again, and then when the clock was 12 me and my friend Isak hiked up on top of my homemountain, and snowboarded down, it was a pretty sweet day!


Are you satisfied with your winter, you even won a contest didn’t you?
- yeah im pretty stoked, learned a lot of new tricks, met a lot of cool people, and had a good time, mostly stoked on my backcountry days, probably got like 5 minutes sick bail part just in powder, thats awsome!,, and yeah i won Andreas Wiig invitational, i have no idea what was going on there( it was a jump contest hehe) and then i got second in a rail contest in munich!





What is your plans for the summer? 
-just chillin, skating, snowboarding a little bit and not do anything at all, would be stoked on getting an Xbox 360 and just kill that, but then im maybe going to Canada for Camp of champs but i have no idea


What are you gonna do when the 1st snow drops? Answer under. 
A: Call Petter and tell him to get the fuck over here. 
B: Ride and have fun with Eiki. 
C: Go skate in an indoor skatepark. 
D: Chill on Facebook untill the snow is gone. 

A, ofC hehe thats just how it is these days

A normal day in Halldors life: Make a ” * ” after the statement under that is correct. 
You are working out everyday in the summertime. ” * ” skating!
You go skate everyday. ” * “ 
You eat candy everyday. ” * “ 
You pretty much only eat vegetables and healthy food. 
You just drink water and milk. 
You live off coca-cola and pepsi. ” * “ 
You use shampoo in your hair. 
You live in Reykjavik, capitol of Iceland. 
You live in some Northern place on Iceland. ” * ” Akureyri bro
You have a summer job.
You don`t have a summer job, its all chilling. ” * “ 
You are a snowboarder. ” * “ 
You are a skateboarder. ” * “ 


Well that was pretty much it, any last words?
Yeah every one should make their own Ice slushy, its sick!, this is what i always do now = i just wake up around 2, take some fruit juce and some ice and stomp it in the blender, and go out in the sun and chill, then i go skate! its next level good



screenshot-7-eiki-and-halldor-helgason-on-icelandCheck out  the Factorfilms site Here www.factor-films.com

Jul 7, 2009



New Factorfilms They Came From Teaser

Here we Go round two on They Came from
Things are going down
Check it out!

Even Better Qualiti if you watch it on the Factorfilms site Here www.factor-films.com

Broken Foot

Im in Whistler Right now
Got my first skateboard injury ever Yesterday
I broke a bone in my foot so I'm out for couple weeks.

Shit Happens...


Jul 6, 2009


Jul 2, 2009

New sport made by icelanders!

Left foot Jumping!