Jan 10, 2010

My Fuel TV Standardshow

I have a lot of banger bails in the backcountry, but thats only because watching bails in the backcountry always got me more stoked then seeing someone land a trick,,, atleast thats a good claim

Click HERE to watch it

then if you havent seen Black Winter, make sure to buy it on the Itunes store!


Kenny said...

Nice episode man. That's awesome that you got an episode about you!

Also, I just saw that you and Eiki are on the X-Games invitee list. Congrats and good luck man.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if this clip works in Europe? Doesn't seem like it. The weird thing is that the small interview of Halldor works: http://www.fuel.tv/TheStandardSnowboardShow/videos/view/15310