Mar 29, 2009

People Blog on ESPN

Robbie Sell (Photographer) made a blog from a trip i did with The People Crew to Sonora Pass last month.
Click HERE to check it out.


Mar 22, 2009

People Creative Web Site

¥ou can Check out the People Creative web site Here


Mar 19, 2009


Those videos are so Awesome!!! 


Mar 17, 2009

Do Not Click On This Link

Do Not Click On This Link
This Link Is Funny But do not Click is anoying so i don't recommend Clicking it
I Repeat Do Not Click On This Link

Mar 16, 2009


Hey everyone

My christmas were so sick this year, but really different hehe, in stead of snowboarding and filming like madness i was in Canary Island with my family, chilling in the sun eating icecream and surfing, so fun because i havent been surfing much before,

but yeah almost everyday me and my brother Eiki went surfing, then after surfing we chilled, ate sick food and played minigolf hehe

After 3 weeks in Canary Island i went to iceland to chill, meet up with friends and ride in my home mountain witch was sick becuase i havent done it in a long time!,

When i had been in iceland for a week DC called me and asked if i wanted to go to Montreal and film street with Standardfilms for a week. I was so stoked so i went there and met up with Ryan, Mr Andrew Geeves, and leanne pelosi.

we started of pretty slow just spot cheacking around montreal and trying to do stuff, but then when we were going to do stuff we had some trouble with weather, like windy, madness snowing and it was minus 35° so it was fucked up cold for a couple of days hehe, After 1 week we all had like 1 shot so we werent that stoked.

So i decided to stay a week longer with the crue witch was a really good thing to do, Mike Hatchett the man of standardfilms had just shown up in montreal and the wheater was way better the second week, so yeah after one more week in montreal we ended up with many sick bangers! so every one was stoked!,

then i went to Sweden and did my one week of school mayhem, then i went to Germany/Ispo

In Germany/Munich i did a rail Contest called rip curl rail session, it was a lot of fun and i got 2 place, so im stoked!

then when i was trying to get home from the rail contest i called a taxi, and it took like one and a half hour for him to come, then when he finally came he didnt want to take me in because i was all wet, with dirty clothes and a snowboard so he just drove away, with out calling another taxi for me so fucked up!. By then the clock was 12 at night and i didnt have any money on my phone and i was all by my self some were in Munich, After waiting there for another Half an hour some people came, they started talking to me and asked what i was doing, and if i wanted a ride to the skullcandy party!, so that was pretty lucky hehe!. Then when we came to the skullcandy party i had all my nasty snowboarding stuff on and my snowboard in my hand. the people working at the party were nice and gave me a room for my snowboard and jacket, so then i was all good to start drinking like there was no tomorrow with my snowboard pants still on and my nasty hoddie hehe it was a sick party thoug!!!.

After the party me and Jonas Carlson went to the Bataleon hotel and crashed there, 3 people in the bad and me on the toilet floor with a towel on top hehe,

The next morning me and Jonas had to wake up 9.30 because we had to drive to Switcherland and ride a Contest called rip curl champs open, wich was supose to be a 5 star ttr slopestyle contest, and because of bad wheather they changed it to a Halfpipe contest hehe, and i have never been riding pipe so my run was something like this = back to back Human kandell to back to back layback to bs 180 5050 cap 360 out on the edge of the pipe! but i was happy with it thoug hehe

After that contest me and Jonas went back to Sweden, and i was there for a week killing school and riding park! so fun!.

but after that week i went to Oslo to ride some more street rails with Factorfilms and eat KEBAB, it was so much snow in Oslo so we got some bangers done

and after every session i ate kebab, so sweeeet, but then after 5 days of riding rails in oslo i went back to sweden, so now im just waiting to get to the US!, stoked!




Mar 10, 2009

You Get What You Pay For

I found  cheap hotel room in Reno called Victorian Inn only 45$
But you might wanna spend a little bit more on a room!
Because I woke up and i had Ants all over me and on all my stuff hehe.

The Pepsi Can was the most popular one Of Course.

Dead Ants after 30 sec War.

My computer was sitting right next to me in the bed and it was covered with Ants when i opened it but they ran away fast so I just got a photo of the lazy ones.

But I think its pretty funny!


Mar 9, 2009

First Blog! Cooke City, Bad Luck.

I just came from Cooke City but that trip was nothing but BAD luck.
I was there filming with the People Crew: Justin Eeles (Filmer), Josh Mills, Robbie Walker And Robbie Sell (Photographer).

This is how the trip went:

Day 1. It took more than an hour to get my sled started, Then we went up and started to build a kicker, when we were almost finished a stupid sled neck comes and high marks the whole landing and gets stuck right in the middle of the landing, that was the end of that jump.

Day 2. My sled didn't start again, after about 2 hours a sled dude comes and tells us what is wrong and i went and bought new stuff to get the sled started,  then we head up, and when I'm sledding i hit a rock thats just under the snow so i bounce off the sled and the sled goes right of a cliff but luckily the ski is just bent so i could kick it back so its almost straight again.

Day 3.  It was super warm and My sled started right away so I got stoked! but on the way up I end up hitting a tree and fucking up the sled, i broke everything on the right side that I could break. But I jump on a sled with Justin and we keep on going up, then we spend 3 hours building this sweet kicker when we are done the pow in the in run has turned to wet pow so we didn't get any speed so the kicker didn't work.

Day 4.  I skipped breakfast because i wanted a little longer sleep, so i woke up went to the gas station and bought a sandwich to take with me up, i doubled up with Josh Mills and we started to build a kicker and when we were done we started to eat lunch, but the sandwich I just bought was super old and all green and rotten so i didn't have anything to eat, then when we just finished eating heavy dark clouds start coming in fast so we couldn't see anything.
So we decide to go to my Sled and try to get it down from the mountain, Josh Mills said he could try to ride it on one ski all the way down, he was almost down when he hit a bump and fell off but off course with our luck he blew his knee really bad!

Day 5. We decide to leave Cooke City and drive to Tahoe, after 3 hours of driving we figured out we forgot a bag (Not Mine) at the hotel in Cooke City so we had to drive back and Start the trip to Tahoe start all over again.
Hopefully we will have better luck in Tahoe!