Aug 30, 2009

Skate Teaser

We have been trying to film skate all summer and Hopefully we will have a full part ready before the snow starts falling 


Scatman John is The Shit!!!

Aug 29, 2009

Two Of my First full Length Parts

Check Out those Old Parts from our Icelnadic Videos from 2001 and 2002

VTH, 2001, Our first Skateboarding Video 

Óreida, 2002, Our first Full Lenght Snowboard Video 



Aug 27, 2009

I Found Our Pony Tale Part on

If You HAVEN'T Seen It Check it
If You HAVE Seen It Check It Again!


RIP GG you were awsome

Second day living with me and Adam, and i dont know why but he pretty much made a suicide, by jumping out of the bowl, and then the new icelander (Benni) that moved in with us stepd on him by accident 

you were the man GG we will always miss you bro

Aug 26, 2009

GG Allin Swimming and listening to his own music

ME and my room mate Adam bought the sickest goldfish, and his name is GG Allin
He is pretty stoked on his new live i think

Aug 25, 2009

My No Correct Way Part

Someone has upload my No Correct way part on

So check it Out



Aug 24, 2009

out of business

My Mac is dead, and i just bought a new Xbox 360 so im proably going to be bad at the blog, so its time for Eiki to take over!

Aug 21, 2009

Keyboard Cat is awsome

Aug 20, 2009

Man i love These girls

Aug 19, 2009

Argentina Is So Sick Right Now!!!

I have been riding Pow Everyday since i came to Argentina 
its almost too much Fun!



Play him off keyboard cat!


Aug 18, 2009

haha im pretty sure that horse is dead

haha Sickest Flip ever

Aug 17, 2009

GG Allin is The one and only man!

Aug 14, 2009

People Clip

Check Out this little Teaser for The New People Movie "Nice Try"



Aug 13, 2009

haha wtf!

Aug 12, 2009


hahaha awsome skills

is it just me or does the guy in the blue clothes have the worst Kungfu style ever

Try this 7

Gulli got this trick on lock hehe, Pop Shovit Revert Revert Revert!!! 


Aug 11, 2009

hahah man thats fucked up!

World's Largest Cyst Popped - Watch more Funny Videos

Eiki At The JibBattle 2008

Here are some funny tricks that went down on the 2008 jibBattle in oslo. The crowd loved when someone did a frontflip down the stairs, so i wanted to show them that if you are at a rail contest and you wanna frontflip you better use the RAILS hehe.


Aug 10, 2009

Try This 6

Fs 270 Noseblunt Super Clean hehe On The Biggest Rail In Town! 


Aug 9, 2009

Raping the landing

I did a few days of filming with Johannes this winter. Longer edit from him will drop befor x-mas,,. yeahh

Halldor - Raping the landing from Halldór Helgason on Vimeo.

Aug 6, 2009

Thundercats is the shit

Better Video from Ispo railsession

Ispo Railjam

it was a sweet session, i got , stoooked

ISPO 2009 Rip Curl Rail Sessions from on Vimeo.

Never been as stoked on MCdonalds!

hahaha world record slalom skateboarding

Aug 4, 2009

Try This nr. 5

My Foot feeling Sweet again!!!
So im Back on the Board

Aug 3, 2009

Sweet faceplants

Aug 2, 2009

Do this before going in a contest

I did this bail like 10 minutes before i went to the Andreas Wiig invitationals, and some how it hurt so bad! but i think i only won because of that bail, and i got a black eye after it so it made me look extreme in the afterparty

Halldor - Awsome overflip in backflip crossrocket from Halldór Helgason on Vimeo.