Sep 25, 2009

More Bonus from They Came From

(nor) They came from... bonus #3 Mix from factor films on Vimeo.

Sep 23, 2009

World Record on a snowboard!

My homeboy Ulrik Badertcher did the first bs 1620 this season, check it out HERE

Mine and Eikis bonus part in Factorfilms

check it out!

They came from... BONUS #2 - Halldor and Eiki Helgason from factor films on Vimeo.

Sep 22, 2009

Pre season Ice Rink Jib

Me and my friend Gulli went to the ice rink to warm up for the season but soon as the set up was ready it started raining super bad so we could only ride for an hour...
Tomorrow We will go back and hit it backside and hopefully it will be better weather.


Sep 21, 2009

RAMMSTEIN Are Just Too Awesome...

Check out Rammsteins new Video HERE
Its so Awesome...
I'm pretty sure this won't be on TV, or at least not in the States hehe

Sep 20, 2009

Some funny bangers in there

Sep 17, 2009

Sweet Factorfilms poster for the new movie

Factorfilms New Bailpart

Some awsome bangers in there

He Probably Regrets Doing This Now hehe

This Is Something That Everyone Should Try 
At Least Once in They're Life...

Sep 15, 2009


Sep 14, 2009

Small Film from Junkfest

Made by the man Johannes Brenning

check it out

Behind the Team Shoot Out

This is a little Video of me from team shoot out

Check It Out:

Check it HERE also



Sep 12, 2009

San Diego

I just came from San Diego, It was a sweet trip...


Bootleg Video

Here’s a video from the Get Real and Nice Try premier 


Sep 10, 2009

Junkfest Video 2

Here is a better video of Junkfest

Check it out HERE!

Sep 8, 2009

Pimp bike

Here are some crazy pimp bike lazer mask pics of me and Adam

And mr Erik F took the banger photos

Sep 5, 2009

My first Video Parts

the skate part is from 2000 and the snowboard part is from 2001

check it out

Sep 2, 2009


I Was riding a contest called Junkfest, in Trållhätan i think its called,, was sweet, super chill contest, and fun to ride a little bit again,,, won 14,000 swedish kroners, and then there was a mayhem afterparty yeahhhh

check out some clips from the contest here