Oct 14, 2009

Factorfilms Premier Dates

The world premiere in Oslo was a blast, around 1600 people came to the sold-out show at Sentrum Scene in the capitol of Norway, and more premieres are coming up:

Previews premieres:
26.09 Oslo, Norway (World premiere)
03.10 St.Anton, Austria

Upcoming premieres:
22.10 Truckee California, US

23.10 Steamboat Springs Colorado, US (INFO: www.steamboatfilmfestival.com)

23.10 Pennsylvania, US / Bear Creek Mountain Resort

24.10 New York, US / Mountain Creek snow resort (free outdoor screening)

24.10 Poland, Lodz (INFO: Cinema Charlie, Moviestart 21.15)

30. 10 Munich, Germany

11.11 Montreal, Canada

03.12 Washington DC, US

tba. - Waterloo, Canada

tba. - Akureyri, Iceland

tba. - Reykjavik, Iceland

tba. - Ukraine, Criema

tba. - Lithuania (International Film Festival “Kino Pavasaris)

tba.- St. Petersburg, Russia (end off Oct/early Nov)

There will be more premieres all around the globe so check back soon for more info about where and when here on the factorfilms site www.factor-films.com



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stockholm dåååå?

Anonymous said...

YEAH !!!!! Akureyri, Iceland !!!!Akureyri rock's !!!!

Anonymous said...

yea where the fuck can i buy this and if i go to montreal will you and eiki be there?

Halldór Helgason said...

yoo the movie is coming out with onboard sometime soon i guess, dont really know when, and no i dont think me and eiki will be at the premier in montreal


Anonymous said...

will you be at the premier in Reykjavik ?

Halldór Helgason said...

i dont know really, but maybe

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