Oct 10, 2009

Frontline Railjam just finished

It was so fun, sick riders and perfekt setup! it ended up with me Winning over all, and Eiki got Best trick on the downrail(cap 360 sw nose press cap 180 out and Jonte guy from stockholm won the best trick on the Downflatdown(fs blunt 450 out!)

pretty sweet got 10,000 swedish for winning and 4000 for stomping tricks, and eiki and jonte got 5000 for best trick, and eiki got 5000 for good tricks!

hera are some photos from ingo more is coming soon yeahhjjaa

good times, now its Afterparty time Later!



Marius said...


Anonymous said...

and the ANAL WAS=!==!!=??!?!?!?!

best regards

mr. anal, yeh in the pooh-place

Anonymous said...

Soooo sick! Congratulations.

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