Nov 10, 2009

Halldor Helgason - They Came From

Check Out Halldórs Part From "They Came From"


Anonymous said...

THAT WAS AMAZING!!! Cant wait to see eiki's part.

Daníel Mag said...

massa smúð

Anonymous said...

sick, whats the song?

Anonymous said...

Crazy sh

karamits said...

MOAR PLZ! that is sick.
I totally love the intro as well. Fuckin amazing.
Best part is the Dramatic chipmunk reference.
Halldor "Dramatic Chipmunk-Paris Hilton" Helgason
Absolutely sick.

Halldór Helgason said...

hahaha thanks man! stoked on the paris hilton comment!!! hehe but the song is sigur rós - inní mer syngur vitleysingur

Anonymous said...

sick part dude.
gets me to stoked to ride just watching this!
cool angles and the song works perfectly!

NW said...

That was rad man. Works perfectly with the sigur ros song. Gets me stoked to shred for sure.

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